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Our BIM Services

BIM Designs supports consultants, contractors and estates teams across all sectors of the built environment to deliver projects more effectively, increase organisational resilience and futureproof their work through the advantages of clearly defined digital strategies.

BIM Designs is a team of experienced design and construction professionals, founded in Eygpt, helping our clients throughout the built environment leverage the benefits of digital transformation.

We work collaboratively across Information Management, Strategic Support, 3D Modelling and a range of Project Activities to deliver higher performing projects, reduce time spent on conventional tasks and create common ground across disciplines for everyone’s benefit.

BIM Designs is here to help you begin or continue your journey through digital construction, whatever stage you’re at. We understand the hurdles you’re grappling with and can be your trusted support organisation, providing the clarity of our digital expertise.

BIM Designs provides BIM services as a member of the BSI Associate Consultant Programme.

Information Management

BIM Design’s leading suite of digital project management services supports consultants and contractors across the built environment to consistently accomplish a successful

Strategic Support

BIM Designs works with our built environment partners at a strategic level to increase organisational resilience, We often take our clients through the steps to achieve ISO 19650

3D Modelling, 4D,5D & 6D

When it comes to the visual realm, credibility can be captured in a few moments. To meet today’s increasing expectations in 3D digital modelling and 4D,5D and 6D

Project BIM Activities

BIM DESIGNS offers a single point of support for wide-ranging digital construction needs. Areas include 3D laser scanning, digital O&M, augmented reality and construction sequencing

Information Management

We help all areas of the built environment use digital project management to replace cost and risk with value and opportunity, no matter your level of familiarity with BIM. This is a mature and established service that is instrumental in forming a more efficient and predictable route to project success

Our work across the UK and internationally supports our project partners to access and act on digital information that is defined, relevant and timely to the task at hand. As your intermediary between unrefined information and actionable insight – we provide you with the confidence to ensure you are alert and responsive to any scenario throughout the project lifecycle

BIM-DESIGNS has developed information management for over a decade, resulting in processes and procedures that are at the forefront of the construction industry. We offer exceptional value that hits on the key areas where digital building information management provides maximum benefit

Our Information Management service stream supports through the following activities
Information Manager / Digital Project Management (also known as BIM Management)

BIM Coordination, Clash Detection and Resolution and Model Validation
Issue Tracking and Management, BIM Execution Plan (BEP) Authoring and Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) Authoring & Technical Support.

Why BIM-DESIGNS for Information Management
Experience gained across projects of all values, sizes and sectors equips us with comparative data to help you hit the ground running Whilst every project has unique requirements and necessitates a bespoke approach, our depth of experience means that we enjoy a repeat pattern of success and ultimately enable you to enjoy the benefits of digital expertise, without the headache

As experienced design and construction professionals, we understand the frequently occurring hurdles and integrate seamlessly into your way of working, providing the appropriate support to provide your project teams with what they need, at the right time, to fulfil their requirements

The clarity in communication is part of our service commitment. We’ll never provide material without meaning, always offering clear, transparent guidance. BIM-DESIGNS has an enviable track record for project success and our partnerships are long-term, enjoying repeat work for our clients

Strategic Support

Strategic Support and ISO 19650
For close to a decade, we have developed an industry-leading toolkit that will help you manage digital projects, reveal hidden risks in your processes and boost efficiencies across time and cost deliverables.

With a depth of experience working with many of the largest consultants, contractors, estates teams and local authorities across the UK and internationally, our tailored approach helps businesses leverage all the available advantages.

BIM-DESIGNS can help you begin or continue your digital journey, with measurable benefits no matter your current stage of digital adoption. There is no need for a track record or history of working with digital information. We can advise at any point, look at what’s currently in place and work alongside you to simplify your processes and improve your ability to collaborate and deliver.

To amplify your forward-facing message, we can also take you through the steps to achieve the BSI ISO 19650 certification. This will allow you to deliver projects to this latest international standard (commonly referred to as ‘BIM Level 2’ in the industry) and compete at an industry-leading level.

Our Strategic Support stream of services can aid your business across several areas, including
ISO 19650 Implementation, ISO 19650 Certification Support and Technical Advisory & Technical Authoring.
Hardware & Software Appraisal, Asset Data Management and Planning and Bespoke Training.

Why work with BIM-DESIGNS with Strategic Support and achieve ISO 19650

We are a member of the BSI Associate Consultant Programme (ACP) and our strategies are based upon the confidence of comparative learnings and data from success with similar businesses Through digital implementation, you can develop new business opportunities and revenue streams. Our clearly defined processes will also reduce your time spent responding to tenders and completing clients’ Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) to convert new work.

The shared challenges across the built environment are continuing to impact an increased requirement for digital use in construction, architecture and engineering. Following the publication of the Construction Playbook, it is the ideal time to put a system in place to safeguard your business’ future in our evolving industry.

3D Modelling, 4D,5D & 6D

3D Modelling, 4D,5D & 6D at BIM-DESIGNS
Whether working on a significant project model or authoring bespoke objects for manufacturing clients, digital modelling executed with expertise achieves results that are essential to excite today’s clients, consumers or customers.

BIM-DESIGNS is able to act as your point of support to work with you, in confidence, and ensure your digital commitments are met. We can begin, continue or complete work across multiple levels to author digital models on your behalf that expertly represent you, make the best possible impression and are in line with your ambitions.

We frequently support product manufacturers, engineers, contractors, architects and interior design brands with 3D Modelling in this way. Our established processes ensure value and efficiency, enabling faster turnaround to meet demanding deadlines.

Our 3D Modelling and 4D,5D & 6D service stream covers
Project Model Authoring, Object Model Authoring and Object Hosting & Distribution.
Complex Geometry Authoring, Visualisations & Walkthroughs and 4D Scheduling.
5D Estimating and Sustainability and 6D Facility Management.

Why BIM-DESIGNS for 3D Modelling
As increasingly information-rich models are requested, both accuracy and experience are essential to delivering the detail. Complex briefs can often surpass available in-house resources and we can provide specialist support to help you navigate the BIM Execution Plan, and both understand and embed data requirements to deliver success.

A detached mindset to modelling often leads to difficulties. Our team is active across the lifecycle of projects and we employ this depth of knowledge to ensure information-rich models link in with wider project requirements, are accessible for collaboration across the project team and incorporate all the elements needed in industry-leading modelling.

We are proud to have worked on some of the most prestigious projects across the medial east and our comprehensive service can help with any brief and, if required, take care of your 3D modelling needs from start to finish.

Project BIM Activities

Project BIM Activities at BIM-DESIGNS
Many of the innovations available today can transform procedures to boost productivity, simplify project management and enhance quality and safety. Areas including 3D laser scanning, augmented reality and construction sequencing open the door to new levels of efficiencies, greatly reduce top-level costs and unlock much more effective planning.

BIM-DESIGNS provides these industry-leading digital construction services to support your in-house expertise. Working with us, you can access the support required, without the substantial training or investment in hardware and software needed for the most sophisticated activities.

Working across all sectors in the built environment throughout new builds, refurbishments, infrastructure projects and estates, we utilise the latest techniques in smart design and construction to aid throughout all stages of the lifecycle.

Our Project Activities service stream includes
Scan to BIM, Digital Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and COBie Support, Production & Data Management.
Augmented/VR Reality, As-Built Verification and Construction Sequencing & Timelining (4D).

Scan to BIM
Meeting the need for zero-carbon means that a large part of the future of construction rests in re-use and refurbishment. 3D laser scanning and point-cloud technology provide a fully accurate representation of buildings up-front, helping to increase confidence and facilitate the design vision.

Data from the existing buildings are extracted into a 3D model that can be used proactively by the full design team, bring to light any areas of attention and streamline the entire development process.

Digital O&M
Data integration, asset management and the delivery of handover information are more important than ever. BIM-DESIGNS’s digital operations and maintenance service consolidates efforts across the supply chain and sets buildings and estates up for intelligent planning, significantly reducing lifecycle costs.

Through the creation of a central database that integrates a comprehensive library of knowledge and instructions, accessible on-demand, we can help buildings, estate owners and FM teams manage their developments much more effectively.

COBie Support, Production & Data Management
BIM-DESIGNS helps to ensure consistent, accurate and clear COBie data is delivered, no matter the size or complexity of the project.

Our streamlined process eliminates risk and conflicting requirements from the mismanagement of COBie and captures all the information required for a successful handover every time, with lifetime benefits to the client.

Augmented Reality
Through Augmented Reality (AR) in construction, we overlay 3D models, scans and visualisations to a pre-existing site or space, viewed as-built via a screen or device. The sense of scale, size and distance through mixing real-life with a 3D visual cannot be met via traditional visualisation methods.

AR helps to contextualise designs before they are built, which de-risks decisions, improves stakeholder engagement and reduces the chance of unnecessary error. AR can also provide visual instructions directly to staff whilst on-site, boosting safety and understanding, leading to more efficient builds.

As-Built Verification
BIM-DESIGNScan help ensure developments meet expectations and compliance through analysing and verifying building projects. Using 3D scanning, we can collect comprehensive data as a building nears completion, accurately comparing this to the design model to improve the handover process.

This acts as an invaluable part of the quality assurance process, reducing lifecycle costs, and the risk of unforeseen issues and provides confidence that your development has been constructed as intended.

Construction Sequencing & Timelining (4D BIM)
Our service makes it possible to view a project’s delivery, in-context, against real-time activities and updates. The time-related data is instrumental in the frequent decision-making on a live site.

Through visual sequencing, we can reduce delivery time and construction costs through a more transparent plan. This leads to safer delivery environments and more accurate predictions of the schedule.

Visualising progress across the project lifecycle generates greater buy-in from end clients and improves understanding across the project team, resulting in more valuable and timely feedback from all.