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Our courses are unlike any other; we focus on how to implement projects during teaching based on our practical experience in a variety of projects, rather than simply teaching theory such as the program form and its tools, or how to work or receive project work items in theory without examples or solutions to the majority of the real problems that you will face in your professional life after that. As a result, it improves the recipient’s or trainee’s professional level by accompanying and proactive problem-solving and providing the best, saving them time, effort, and material costs.

There are four types of private education courses available at BIM Designs:

Online Courses:
In which the student downloads the course’s FULL HD videos from the Internet to his own device and watches them whenever and wherever he wants. This method is distinguished by significant time savings and the ability to re-watch multiple times.

Live Courses:
In this case, the trainees attend the course at our headquarters or other locations selected by the speaker. This method is distinguished by full contact between the lecturer and the students, as well as the ability to directly ask questions and receive responses.

Professional Courses:
It aims to support professional certificates, as well as job seekers obtaining accredited professional certificates, as well as a full and comprehensive qualification in various fields of construction and construction industry.

Private Courses:
It is for individuals and businesses, and the course content is tailored to the needs and information of the individual or business.

Professional Courses

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Live Courses:

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Online Courses

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Private Courses

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